How To Use Fooocus

Step 1 - Choose Your Prompt

  • Start by selecting or crafting a detailed prompt that captures your creative vision for the image you want to generate.

Step 2 - Customize Settings

  • Adjust Fooocus's advanced settings to fine-tune the AI's focus, style, and output quality according to your needs.
  • Experiment with different model presets for varied artistic or realistic outputs.

Step 3 - Generate Your Image

  • Initiate the image Generation process and watch as Fooocus transforms your prompt into a visually stunning piece of art.

Step 4 - Edit and Refine

  • Use Fooocus's inpainting and editing tools to make adjustments or add final touches to your generated image.

Step 5 - Share and Collaborate

  • Easily share your creations with the community or collaborate with others to explore new creative horizons.